What You Should Know about “The eyes on A Head For Details”

There are some women who may have been told they have “Bette Davis eyes,” and sometimes that is simply paying them a high compliment. However, having eyes with droopy eyelids or bags under the lower eyelids is not always desired and leaves both men and women wanting to do something about it. There is a plastic surgeon in Orlando, Florida, who offers to help those who have problems with the droopy eyelids and baggy lower lids, otherwise known as “the sleepy look.” Here is what the plastic surgeon can do with “The eyes on A Head For Details.”

Getting Rid of the Droopy Eyelids

The procedure that is used to help get rid of the droopy eyelids and the lower bags is known as blepharoplasty, and there are many people who are anxious to opt for this surgery. The fortunate thing about the surgical method used in today’s times is that a scalpel does not have to be used, which might cause a lot of scarring, but is actually done by a laser beam. By the time everything is finished, any scarring would be hardly noticeable without someone intently looking for them.

More on Eyelid Surgery

When a person chooses to get eyelid surgery, it is usually for both the upper and the lower eyelids and, often, the surgery is done in conjunction with a facelift. When the laser is used, it resurfaces the skin area around the eyelid and tightens up the skin. When the eyelid surgery has been completed, most patients are satisfied with how it makes them appear to others. Even Asians who have gotten the eyelid surgery did so not to westernize their look but to appear to have more energy and youth.

Where to Get the Eyelid Surgery in Florida

Dr. Ruth Hill Yeilding is a cosmetic surgeon who has been providing cosmetic surgical solutions for patients in the Orlando area for a long time. Those patients who request the eyelid surgery will be able to take advantage of her sophisticated laser techniques. If persons are interested in finding out more about the eyelid surgery, they should visit the website at http://www.yeildingmd.com.