Finding the Best Puppy Trainer Takes Research

When I am looking for a puppy or dog trainer, experience is my number one sought out quality. Finding puppy training Phoenix AZ was paramount. I searched the various websites to find the best and most qualified trainer for my lovely Belgian Malinois.
I know that my breed of dog needs to have a job. They are a very busy breed and have high energy. When I look up Malinois on the American Kennel Club site it clearly states that to deny him of activity is to deny his reason for being. I knew I had my work cut out for me.

I searched for a long time to find a trainer with the background and expertise not only with my breed but as an all-around dog trainer. It was hit and miss for a while. Many trainers specialize in police work or agility or other working venues. I was seeking a well-rounded dog that would protect me and my family if necessary but was not required to be a highly trained protection dog. My family wanted a pet first and working protector dog second.

We knew when we selected the Malinios that we were in for a bit of a struggle when it came to finding a good trainer. While researching on the computer I came across an article stating there are a plethora of methodologies for dog training. From operant conditioning to clicker training and more, we had to decide what would have the best outcome for our little guy. Because our fur baby was highly food motivated we chose motivational training which relies on treats and verbal rewards for a job well done.
When we settled on a trainer we were pleased that he had a wide range of experience with companion dogs as well as working animals. His approach was very kind and gentle yet firm when necessary. “Duke” exceeded our expectations as he grew from a gangly long-legged pup into a wonderful specimen of the breed. He loved training classes and loved being challenged.

Finding the right trainer is imperative no matter what the breed of dog. A trainer experienced with all breeds and mixed breeds often yields the best results. Kind but firm handling worked best for Duke and he flourished into a magnificent family dog.
According to the spruce pets site, there is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to training. Every dog is an individual and every breed has traits that acclimate better to certain types of training. The most important thing when training any dog is to start early, be consistent, and follow through.

There was one final decision maker for us in finding a good trainer. It was knowing that if we encountered issues after the regular classes concluded that we could come back for refreshers or call for advice. Finding a puppy trainer was a task we did not take lightly, and we were thrilled with the outcome. When you do a little research, the end result can be amazing.