The Extreme Importance of Having Dental Emergency Care

Dental emergencies always seem to happen at the worst possible times. This can be anything from a broken tooth during a late-night dinner to a serious accident involving the mouth on the weekend. It is important to understand what type of emergency requires immediate dental care and what can wait until the dentist opens their office for their regular business hours. Certain injuries require immediate treatment and should never be postponed.

Most dentists will offer emergency treatments during the evenings and on the weekends. This ensures the teeth can receive emergency care always. This can additionally prevent unnecessary visits to the emergency room. The most common types of emergency services are for knockout out, broken and cracked teeth. This can happen when an individual bite down on a piece of food that is simply too hard, from a fall or accident or an injury related to sports. Whether an emergency dental visit is required depends on the location of the injury and the severity. Some of the more minor fractures and chipped teeth can wait for the dentists regular visiting hours.

When there is a severe crack in the tooth, the tooth has been completely knocked out, a large portion of the tooth is missing or there is nerve damage immediate medical attention should be sought for a dental emergency Fort Collins CO. If a tooth has been completely knocked out it is important to refrain from touching the tooth as much as possible. It is a good idea to bite down on a moist tea bag or a piece of gauze until emergency dental care can be obtained.

In some instances, it is recommended to try to keep the tooth in the socket while making the trip to the dentist. The tooth should first be rinsed to remove any dirt visible. If the tooth will not easily go back into the socket it should be placed in a small container of warm water until the individual is seen by a professional. A wet, cold compress will help staunch any bleeding coming from the socket of the tooth.

Some dental issues are much clearer than others. The issue may be a severe pain caused by a tooth or an abscessed tooth. If the individual is not certain whether emergency dental care is necessary, it is a good idea to call the dental office. The service can explain the issue to the dentist who can decide, schedule an emergency appointment or set up a time for a standard visit. Make certain the situation is described in clear detail to the dentist’s office for the best possible results.

Even if the individual is not certain if they are experiencing a dental emergency they should always call their dentist if they are concerned. The dentist may have a service answering the phone or a voice mail or answering machine that is checked frequently. The call may be routed to a cell phone. It is better to call and find out there is not an emergency than to have an emergency and not make the call.